How to Make Money As An Affiliate Marketer – Profit From Your Online Site

There are typically two main ways to make money as an affiliate marketer online. These are:

  1. Preselling an affiliate offer and direct link to the website
  2. Building an email list and recommending products or services to subscribers.

Usually many affiliate marketers combine these two strategies as way to leverage their sales. It is also not an common for affiliates to use one or the other of these strategies.

Preselling An Affiliate Offer

Preselling an affiliate offer is mainly discussing into details each affiliate product and showing how it solves a particular problem. This is done by creating desire and telling engaging stories to make visitors feel excited about the offer.

Using persuasions is the best way to presell as it appeals to people emotions and helps them imagine the benefits they will receive from this offer. You will have to explain the value and benefits of this product by briefly mentioning the features and concentrating on the emotional gain a person will receive when they get results from this product

Talk about how the product has helped other people and give specific examples. Use words to appeal to a persons’ imagination and explain how it feels to own the product. Explain what it is like to experience life changing results in their lives after using the product.

Always focus on the benefits a person receives as a result of using the product. One of the best ways to presell an affiliate offer is to do a review page. This is where you give reasons why customers should check the product out. This can be done through the following examples:

  • a visual walk through via a video
  • discussing a problem in your niche and how the product has solved it
  • demonstrating how the product works
  • how the product has helped you and the results you recieved while using the product
  • provide a testimonial that builds on your authority
  • Interview the product owner if at all possible

Building An Email List

The best way to build an email list is to offer valuable piece of content known as a Lead magnet. Building an email list is preferably one of the best ways to make money as an affiliate marketer. A lead magnet is freebie that persuades a person to subscribe to an email list. Generalyy a lead magnet is an e book or something similar. The specifics vary from one marketer to another. Examples of great lead magnets include:

  • a blueprint that illustrates a visual solution
  • a short video demonstrating a concept
  • a preview version of a full length information product
  • a trial membership to a program full of tools and information
  • an interview with a knowledgeable expert

Developing a strong solid email relationship is key as you capture peoples contact information. Because most internet users have become sick and tired of online ‘get-rich-quick’ gurus who only scam them off their money they will not listen to an affiliate marketer just because they recommend a product. You will have to prove to them that you are a credible source of information. To establish a solid relationship, you would simply offer lots of value upfront and make recommendations based on careful research.

Lead magnet provide a number of benefits to making your online business become profitable. Some of these benefits include the following:

  • you will be able to start and build relationships with subscribers
  • you will build a list that becomes a long term asset
  • you will make money by recommending related products
  • you will have direct control of your web traffic
  • networking with other people in your niche becomes possible

Not all lead magnets work simply because they are not presented well or are not appealing to viewers. A good lead magnet should be able to meet the following criteria:

  1. It should be able to solve a problem, for example, how to get in shape like you are still in your 20’s.
  2. It should be unique in its offers. Offer something unique to your situation different from other free reports out there
  3. It should deliver on its promise. It should have a step by best way to get real results.
  4. It should have value. A great way to establish credibility is offering value that others would usually sell.
  5. It should have a catchy title that stands out.

Finding lead magnet Ideas

The best ways to find lead magnet ideas is by looking for common problems people have in your niche. There are many ways to research lead ideas. Some of the places you can begin your research are through the following:

Blog post that get lots of comments

Most viewed posts on forums

Articles listed in directories

paid products being promoted in your niche

Writing a Lead Magnet

Writing a lead magnet only requires a step by step solution that people are seeking, something that most people want to know. It also doesn’t have to be a huge product. 5,000 to 10,000 words are considered adequate.

When writing a lead magnet you should consider the following steps:

Leveraging existing content: – A lead magnet is not about reinventing the wheel, you should feel free to use your already created content since most subscribers haven’t read everything you have written. This step helps you save time by providing value without doing extra work

Implementing project management: – it is important to outline all topics you intend to cover and that you will include in your lead magnet. Project management simply means setting a major goal and using mini steps to achieve it. You will also need a graphic designer to create the ecover image

Set daily goals for writing:- you should stick to a daily writing goal to complete a lengthy writing project. For example 1,000 words a day.

Avoid the perfectionist mindset:- the perfectionist mindset is a dangerous trap. Strive to provide awesome content but remember it cannot be perfect. Having a perfectionist mindset might lead you to give up as you worry your content is not perfect.

How do you capture email address

This is how you get people to subscribe with what is known as a squeeze page. A squeeze page is a page designed to get people to subscribe. It does not link to other articles or promote affiliate products. You include enough information to convince people yo subscribe.


Through this two strategies we can see and understand the importance and relevance of both. It is also clear that building an email list is crucial to your online business. Simply said without this list of your audience your affiliate marketing business will not take off and profit. Lead magnets can build you an email list which is essential to your long term success as an affiliate marketer. With a good email list you have a level of control that you don’t get with preselling offers on a website.

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