What Is Super Affiliate Success System About? – Is It A Scam?

Super affiliate system 2.0 is a system that teaches you how to make money through affiliate marketing and paid search. This system was founded by John Crestani and compromises of two parts, Internet jetset system and super affiliate 1.0. While many affiliate marketing educational systems out there focus on free traffic from social media like Facebook, Instagram, linkeld, YouTube and google search, super affiliate system teaches you on how to exponentially increase your potentials using paid search. Free traffic is good but comes with the set back of taking a long time to build momentum to your site which sometimes could take months or years to make significant sales. With paid search you easily get your site to be ranked on google first page.


Who is John Crestani


John crestani is a 29-year-old college drop out who became a successful internet marketer, and teacher. He is the founder of internet jetset.

He also founded Super Affiliate System 12 week course (advance affiliate marketing course for people looking to earn 5-6 figures a month) and AC Nutryst which specializes in nutraceuticals.

John first started as an entrepreneur by selling products on eBay. This however was not successful as his business was closed down by PayPal for lack of approval. He then found a marketing job in a pay per click firm in Los Angeles whereby he lost job after asking for a raise.

After this john went into affiliate marketing where he started ad campaigns. By doing this he started his own affiliate marketing business.

John has been featured in:

  • Forbes Magazine
  • Yahoo Finance
  • Inc Magazine
  • Business Insider

Home Business Magazine

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These publications thoroughly researched and vetted john before posting his earnings which were as much as half a million dollars per month online.

(“…28 year old…..marketing mogul who’s online network of services now generates upwards of $500k per month.” – Forbes magazine ).

He is known to have a track record of success and one of the most transparent trainers teaching affiliate marketing online. He teaches you what actually makes money and works for him.


What Is The Super Affiliate System?


Super affiliate system has been updated to the 2018 version and has new features. It provides an easy- to- follow course helping people become successful paid traffic affiliate marketers in 6 weeks. The course is broken down in very easy step-by- step way, that even brand new newbies can follow and understand.

The system is broken down into 12 modules and each module takes about a week to complete. In each module there will be one or more videos that john crestani himself instructs on the topic. In total, the system has over 50 hours of high quality video content including johns weekly super affiliate webinars.

The weekly list of each module topics include the following:


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Week 1: System Setup – this includes, setting goals, how to join affiliate networks, how to set up your own site, how to set up presell page, how to set up facebook ads, how to work with affiliate networks.

Week 2: Understanding the system – how to earn your first commission, missing ingredient 99% missed, unlock the millionaire mindset, why 85% of franchise succeed and most entrepreneurs fail, what is even more lucrative than a franchise business, how to license a proven profitable business.

Week 3: Marketing Skills – how to write good copy, advanced copy writing, my 17- step copywriting formula, how to optimize ads, advanced optimization

Week 4: – Facebook and Google ads – Facebook ads, Facebook ad compliance, important metrics in advertising, google ad words part 1 and 2, Facebook ads with Brian Pfeiffer

week 5: Native and YouTube Ads – how to set up MGID native ads, how to set up Outbrain native ads, how to set up volume DSP native ads, how to set up YouTube ads and Facebook ads with Tim Bud

Week 6: Scaling and Automation: – How to use server funnels, $240k solar case study, scaling campaigns from 1-20k, how to utilize media buyers, student loan case study.

Week 7: More Ad Campaigns – How to set up Bing ads, how to set up linkeld native ads, how to set up Linkeld text ads, how to set up Taabola native ads.

Week 8: Implementing the System – The right mindset for success, how to research your niche, how to choose your offer, how to choose your ad network, researching niches online, how to network effectively, understanding intent.

Week 9: Advanced Software and Tools

Week 10: More Affiliate Program

Optimization Diaries (not part of week system)

Ready To Launch Campaigns (not part of week system)

Video Archives( past weekly webinars)

The first two weeks focuses on teaching you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, business model, setup tracking software and domains, landing pages, and methods on how to promote your offer. The next few weeks focuses on using paid traffic from Facebook ads, google ad words and native advertising to drive traffic to your site.

The last few weeks focuses on how to scale your business upwards through advertising campaigns that reach tens of thousands of customers per day with very little work since most of the work was done earlier in the system training.

As you can see from this outline the module is set up with beginners in mind. Once you find an offer you can promote, you then build an advertising campaign around it and scale it up. The training is also a mixture of technical knowledge and also mindset preparation.


Additional Resources


Apart from the six-week Super Affiliate System the following additional valuable resources are offered that include the following:

Ad Swipes – Ad copy examples screenshots organized into different niches

Presell Pages – Ready-made ClickFunnels sales pages

Targeting Data -List of potential customers Email addresses organized into different niches

Affiliate Networks – Top recommended affiliate networks to join

Ad Networks- Top recommended ad networks to join.

Support. The system has three main types of supports:

1. Help Desk

2. Email Support

3. Facebook Group, (In this group John personally answers member questions)


How Much Does the Super affiliate System Cost?


Currently John Crestani is offering an 80% discount for the Super Affiliate System 2.0. Initially the price was $4,985 and is now running for a one time payment of $997 while supply last. John also has a flexibility of a 3 time monthly payments of $397 for the entire course.

There is also a monthly continuity fee option of $47 a month but only covers JetSetlive webinars conducted by John. It gives you the ability to ask john questions live in a group environment and also you benefit from other affiliates questions. The sessions are also recorded in case you missed any.

As you can see this system is designed to minimize your costs while maximizing your profits and potentials. You will still be required to work hard on your part as John crestani shows you how to get to where your want to be with the least amount of financial failures.

With Johns success track record, the reality of your $997 investment turning into $10,000 a month is very real. With Super affiliate System, your affiliate marketing skills and tools will get an uptick and ensure you are well on your road to start making six figures. To seize this opportunity you can begin to start writing your destiny today with Super affiliate by clicking the following link: http://f8cb63uezbggmglhepc91w4kef.hop.clickbank.net/

But first lets talk a little bit on the Good and the Bad of the system

Pros And Cons


  • Live weekly webinars with John Crestani
  • Easy access to support and or chat (super affiliate forums)
  • Cost is worth more than investment
  • Intuitive user interface and user experience
  • 60 day money back guarantee
  • You also learn from and network with other real super affiliates earning 4-5 figures per day.


  • Price maybe a limiting factor to some people
  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme. – You need to work hard
  • John can be overly complex at times in his explanations. So expect to watch some videos multiple times in order to understand the topic presented fully. Also, take notes.
  • Current price offer may go up in the near future. Taking action is required sooner rather than later.


I highly recommend the super affiliate system to any new affiliates as it is designed for newbies and also advanced marketers can still benefit a lot from it. From the high quality of content the price john is charging is reasonable even though not all can afford it. This system should give any new affiliate a priceless jump start that is easy to understand and to get you up and running towards your first commission. This system is also zero risk for your investment for you get a 60-day money back guarantee if you decide the system is not for you. In conclusion also this system is Not a scam and John is completely legit.

Lastly remember that those who succeed in life are people who seize opportunities, even when people do not believe in them.


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Click here if you want to learn more about super Affiliate System 2.0:  http://f8cb63uezbggmglhepc91w4kef.hop.clickbank.net/

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